OK, stopped by Specs last Thursday and they were promoting a new "Texas" Bourbon. I follow the craft movement pretty well here in Texas and never heard of this product. It's called 1835 Bourbon Whiskey. No age statement, so assuming it's at least 4 years old for $27. I'm 99.99% sure this was not distilled in the State of Texas, but bottle states "Texas Made". You can see the COLA info and label here:


It does say Bottled in Lewisville, TX. IMHO, stating "Texas Made" on something that was just bottled here is very deceptive. Goggling North Texas Distillers LLC found a blank webpage, but also a connection to Delos Vodka, which apparently makes a vodka using a vacuum still.

FYI, later that night stopped by Poison Girl and Scott poured me a taste of this. It would be an OK bourbon at $11, which is where you can find several lower end KY brands priced at.