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    Re: "Texas Made" Bourbon 1835

    Sorry to dredge up an old post...

    I read through this thread and smiled. You guys dug in on the 1835 "Texas" whiskey pretty hard. Earlier this year, I had to call the local Spec's staff out on it. Everytime I walked down the whiskey isle, I was asked by an employee (more often the same guy) if I had tried the new 1835. I finally asked why could I not stand in this isle without being asked about the 1835. I asked him where it was distilled. I pointed at real KY bourbons and told them where they were distilled. I even told him where the Garrison and Balcones was distilled. Now when he sees me, he just says "Hi!" and we shake hands. I know the staff is just doing their job. What bothers me is when I see people asking for help on selecting their first bourbon and the 1835 is what is put in there hands.

    ....and I guess I was a little bothered that as a customer that visited the store weekly (sometimes twice a week) the same clerk put more effort into pushing the 1835 on me vs. recognizing me as a repeat customer that has told him no several times.
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