Sorry I'm a little late again. Better late than never I guess.

I'm gonna go with a twofer this month. Two for the price of one. Evan Williams BIB and HH BIB. Once again I realized that there's been some discussion of these on the boards lately, so I thought why not. I know there are a couple versions of the HH BIB, so post your thoughts on either/or both. As we tend to say around here sometimes, " It's all good."

My thoughts: Next to wheaters, I really like a lot of the BIB's that are (still) available. I've had EW BIB, and the white label HH BIB. Nothing fancy, or anything to make your heart skip a beat or anything, just pretty darned good bourbons at really decent prices. IMHO, a couple of great value pours.

That's it. Short and sweet this month. Let's hear what y'all think. Cheers, have fun, and see some of y'all in Bardstown next week. Joe