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    Re: It takes a village of drinkers.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChainWhip View Post
    Have any of you tried Forty Creek Double Barrel Select? I saw it today but didn't feel like dropping money on something at this price point on a whim:
    As suggested up-thread Forty Creek makes some of the best Canadian whiskies on the market today - DB Reserve is one of them. It sells for $60 in Canada (one of the most expensive places to buy alcohol in the civilized world. LOL) but is usually on sale for $55. If I lived in the US (where alcohol is much cheaper than in Canada) I would pass at 78 bucks. I'm certain there are better whiskies at much higher proof for lower price pretty much everywhere in the USA.
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    It takes a village of drinkers.

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately for me, my state has distributors that jack up the price due to lack of competition & the state takes about 25% in taxes on top of the already high prices - I will look elsewhere to purchase this bottle.
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