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    Re: Jefferson's Ocean - Bottle variation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahhirsch16 View Post
    Has anyone tried the Ocean yet?
    No, but didn't it win bottle of the year from Wine Enthusiast Magazine?

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    Re: Jefferson's Ocean - Bottle variation?

    Six of us in Tallahassee chipped in on a bottle to taste. Our tasting is scheduled for this Saturday and I'll post the comments from our early tasting. We ended up with three bottles .. and are tasting first before deciding on who gets the other two. We had a sit-down with Trey while in Bardstown and he shared with us that of the 250 bottles that he ended up with, he only got one for himself. The bottles we have are much lighter .. more typical .. than some of the earlier pictures that were on the web. Trey's sending these barrels out on an ocean-going barge was an experiment ... an idea of the moment .. as he had a friend that owned a barge and they got to talking and decided, "why not"? Of the six barrels they started with there were some unexplained misadventures and they ended up with far fewer than they started with. I like the idea that he experiments like this. Whether it works or not is really only his risk. I've yet to have anything he's bottled that wasn't darn good juice. I look forward to this weekend.



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