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Charcoal filtering has many uses and I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of it.
Heaven Hill's eponymous BiB proclaims "Every Drop Charcoal Filtered," and I think the other HH-branded bottlings have similar language. The current Beam's Choice (green label) also makes a point of stating "Charcoal Filtered" on the label.

With regard to these, I have always made a few assumptions: 1) that most bourbons are charcoal filtered to one extent or another, 2) that Beam and HH label these as such in an attempt to make some sort of brand association with JD, and 3) that Beam's and HH's processes have virtually nothing in common with JD. Is that accurate? In Beam's case they say that it is filtered before bottling and I always figured that was HH's deal too.