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    Re: Possible George Dickel Rye?

    Well, so far it looks like Josh and Thad called this one, and kudos for that. Assuming, therefore, it was cold-filtered in the maple charcoal vats after 5 years aging (as opposed to being filtered as white dog, or whiskey not long in barrel - it would still be "rye whiskey" in that form) - I am surprised at this post-aging filtration. I know Gentleman Jack undergoes that process, but that surprised me too when I first learned of it. Yes, fully aged bourbon often is filtered in activated charcoal but I am puzzled why after a full four or five years of aging in new charred barrels, a Lincoln County or that type process would be deemed an improvement. This process is quite different to a short treatment in activated charcoal.

    I find Gentleman the least interesting of all the Jack Daniel brands. It has a perfumy character I find off-putting. I cannot recall in historical sources that the maple charcoal process - once again the prolonged process as opposed to a quick charcoal polishing - was done after full barrel aging. It was done certainly before barrel aging, partially to accelerate the aging process. But that was done to white dog, not aged spirit. Now, maybe it was occasionally applied to fully aged barrel spirit but I cannot recall ever reading of an instance of this.

    One often lauds the craft distillers for not being bound to tradition, but B-F was ahead of them in this respect in my opinion.

    As always, palate is what counts, so I look forward to trying it.

    The particular secondary constituents in LDI rye offer what to me is a "Blue Tide" effect: clean, breezy, almost salt sea or cleanser-like. That would have responded well in white dog form to the maple stack, IMO again. But I guess it wasn't done this way.
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