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    Re: Possible George Dickel Rye?

    Then I shall, thank you!

    (Oops apologies Paul if this was the too-wayward thread!. No more but I didn't want to be rude to ole Chuck).

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    Re: Possible George Dickel Rye?

    I toured WT last spring and by the looks of things it is all automated. I saw on ADI forums a conversation about continuous stills and if they were "craft" enough. One guy argued no, because he said they all had to be automated. Somebody, I cannot imagine who, had to chime in and tell about the guy running the still in the old WT plant. I do not think they beleived it. Hell, I should know, we are putting one in that the only thing on it that is even electrical is a flow meter for beer feed.

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    Re: Possible George Dickel Rye?

    No shortage of expert advise on the Internet Tom, most of it worth exactly what we paid.



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