I recently purchased a bottle of the 2012 Midleton VR which I quite like (I am a fan of Irish Whiskey in general and this was an impulse buy in duty free coming back from London). I noted my favorite liquor store here at home has a dusty bottle of the 2011 sitting on the shelf for less than I paid at duty Free at Heathrow I might add. That is what I get for not doing my homework). I presume this is made to have a reasonably similar profile from year to year but no doubt the year it is made creates some small differences.

Tried to find a site that might provide some insight about the difference, if any, from year to year but not having much luck. I found some discussion focusing a bit on some vintages from the 90's but not sure if that is just because it is getting rare or if the "experts" feel there are some years that are truly better. Not that I am going to go looking for one of the older vintages given the increased cost for an already spendy bottle!

But I was curious if there was anyone here with some knowledge on the subject or a site that might discuss this and if there is enough difference in more recent years to go looking for one vintage versus another.