Have been mostly a lurker for the past year or two and registered about 6 months ago but thought it was time to say hello. I live in the Atlanta area and see that there are a number of other relatively recent intros from this area. Delighted to see that!

In the past I mostly was a beer drinker or perhaps a bit of rum but over the last few years I have had an increasing interest in acquainting myself with spirits in large part due to my developing an interest in the classic cocktails movement. My liquor cabinet was started basically to accomodate my interest in mixing new (to me at least) and interesting cocktails but I have increasingly expanded my interest to the admiration and consumption of fine spirits in their own right.

Although I am interested in spirits in general to include rum, gin, tequila, brandy and liqueurs and have a number of different options across the spirits spectrum in my liquor cabinet, I was particularly interested in improving my knowledge and palate with regard to whisk(e)y in general and American whiskeys in particular. I have had a long standing fondness for Irish whiskey but haven't dabbled in Scotch all that much and drank bourbon in the past only occasionally without giving it much thought.

But more recently I have been expanding the whiskey, bourbon and rye side of my cabinet. Not much of a collector or one to put much "in the bunker". I typically buy and open something and give it a try. If I like it I put it aside for future sipping or share with a few like minded friends (and if I don't like it I have a party and share it with a lot of friends!). I also tend to travel internationally a good bit as another of my favorite avocations and my work puts me in contact with people who also regularly travel overseas giving me a chance to occasionally locate somewhat unusual spirits not always readily available in the U.S. This generally serves my interest in unusul ingredients for cocktails but occassionally allows me to acquire a nice whiskey now and again (such as my recent acquisition of Green Spot and Powers John's Lane).

I appreciate the experience and knowledge shared on this site and the help it has provided me in learning a bit more about bourbon, whisk(e)y and spirits in general and hope to be on the site with some regularity even if I don't post a great deal.