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Picked up a few worthy competitors for the GI Pere Jacques and will have a little comparson tonight or tomorrow. 4 of the top 8 dubbels from Beeradvocate. The Pere Jacques weighs in at #18. Now I don't put a ton of stock in these ratings but it is a place to start!

#2 Rochefort 8 - $4.99 for a 330ml
#5 Ommegang Abbey Ale Belgian style dubbel - $6.99 for a 750ml so about $3.07 for 330ml
#7 Achel Bruin - $5.39 for a 330ml (spendy little SOB! Then again they are all a bit spendy.)
#8 Chimay Red - $4.39 for a 330ml

Was looking for the St. Bernardus 8 to have a Belgian but non trappist version but couldn't find it. I have some #4 rated Westmalle Dubbel at home so I may add that. I also have a single bottle of #1 rated Westvleteren 8 but I think I will keep that for another occasion!
Any Rochefort is a win. Damn good beer.