I ate dinner AGAIN at Furlongs on Sunday night. After my skimpy bourbon experience at Harper's on Saturday night, I decided to go back to Furlongs on Sunday night.

What can I say? This place is great, bourbon-wise and food-wise. Amy was the bartender; her pours, while less than Shelley's on Thursday nights, are still very good and are much better than average. It's getting scary. They remember my drinks and my salad dressing choices.

Over my last two visits, I finished off their Ezra Brooks SB 15 yo. Honestly, folks, I am not getting sh*t faced here. I "just" get two drinks. The bottles were low anyway and I happened to be the lucky soul who cleaned them out of Pappy 20 yo, ORVW 12 yo, and EBSB 15 yo over the last couple weeks.

You might wonder why I wasn't eating dinner at the homes of my many relatives in L'ville. Well, I had plenty of offers, but I explained that I wanted to leave my Dad's nursing home when I felt ready (I didn't want to be rushed to make it to a relative's home on time) and that I needed a good meal with great service (ok, and bourbon) to relax and to pamper myself. Fortunately, my relatives understood completely and did not lay a guilt trip on me.