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EC18 is a single barrel, plus, I've noticed that air makes quite a difference. I've had great, good, and awful experiences with various bottles.
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I just put it down to a bad barrel, the drink may be gone but the memory of the taste is burned in. Every time I open a bottle I pray that it's not like the ec18 I had..
Isn't it the job of the master distiller to make sure that even with barrel variations, that you don't put awful barrels into the mix? It really dilutes the brand value. Maybe that's what they're doing with the 20 year, select fewer barrels for presumably better quality and higher price. Still, I think it's poor practice to have such bottle-to-bottle variation. I dont' hear people saying the same thing about Blanton's or Rock Hill Farms, that there are awful bottlings. Sure some are less good than others, but none have been bad IMO.