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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    A solid pour of VWFRR after the Binny's extravaganza last evening to cap the night off,what a perfect way to end an already stellar day!Thanks to another most generous member,thanks again Gary.
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    Having another small pour of VWFRR, this bottle is going way too fast, I better padlock the bottle I have in the bunker

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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Drinking some 2012 Saz18 & THH tonight.

    The Saz18 is easy drinking and this bottle is going fast... not as sweet as the nose suggests but not very spicy for a rye either - I get a little citrus but it wisps in and out for me. The THH on the other hand socks you in the mouth with spiciness but there's also a grainy-taste (akin to taking a big whiff after opening up a new box of oatmeal) in the palette for me.

    I probably need to let these bottles sit for a bit longer, but as of right now, I prefer the Saz18.
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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by LostBottle View Post
    Wild Turkey Rye. 101 proof, not that 81 business - according to WT I must not like my rye "smooth" nor "bold".
    I do kind of wonder about the sales results they're getting -- are the numbers great, good, soft or awful? How about results compared to projections? Is this a project/brand/product manager's victory or defeat? (And if it's a defeat, are they too powerful and/or connected to suffer the consequences of a poor business decision?)

    I'm really hoping they return to the 101 rye. It sold steadily enough to keep producing it, and it was a good product. My seat-of-the-pants impression is that the 81 just isn't selling.

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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Ironically, having a pour of WT 81 rye because I wasn't @#$%^ paying attention when I bought it (thought I had stumbled upon a WT 101 rye). It isn't "bad", but it is sort of like drinking watered-down lite beer vs real beer. Actually reminds me more of scotch than rye whiskey for some reason. I think this is my second pour from the bottle, and seriously thinking of dumping it just to make room for something else.
    Gary (aka 'Country')
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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    I opened a 2012 Sazerac 18 and it's as stellar as any of the other years. I am getting a lot of anise on the front of the palate which I am enjoying quite a bit - I am not sure if the other years had this much licorice taste up front, so I will crack a 2009 or 2010 before this one is empty and do a direct comparison. Could be a temporary palate thing too though. On a side note, I have found eating peanut butter before sipping rye is an awesome combination and really brings out the flavor in the older whiskeys, kind of the exact opposite of a spicy meal.
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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Just had a quick sample snort of Jefferson's 10. Survey says: better go back for another bottle!
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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Every pour, of every Handy, of every year, on every night, has been just like the pour I am sipping on now...mind-numbing spectacularness! My Goodness, what a treat. But, it even gets better for me later...I glimpsed down at the last 1-1/2" left in this bottle, and there is a healthy layer of char coating the bottom of the bottle, just waiting for me...

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    What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Just cracked open a HW 16 and am thoroughly enjoying it... Too bad I only have 2 375's as this is some delicious Rye

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    Re: What Rye Are You Drinking? Autumn 2012

    Some saz 18 last night. Spicy, dry, sweet, herby, all the things you look for in a classic rye!
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