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Budget bottle - I recently opened a bottle of Old Overholt and have had 2 tastings to date. I must say - this is pretty good stuff! All the jokes about 'Old Overcoat' and such may have been true in the past (or to some palates), but I find this juice quite tasty. The first pour has a sweet tip, a mild rye-pepper middle and a light wood finish - no hard edges to be seen. On the second pour, the rye started building it's peppery base. My second tasting had less sweetness in the front, but still quite good. At a sale price of about half of RittBIB, a 4 year age statement and a typical rye profile, I'ma likin'! I hope the rest of the bottle holds up. (Sure, it's not as good as RittBIB, but it's better than half as good)
Try vatting it about 1:1 or even 1:2 with Old Forester Signature. You might be pleasantly surprised.