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Did a 3 way blind tasting of AAA 10 Star, VOB BIB, and WT 101. I'd never had VOB BIB before, and not had much WT 101 (in fact, only threw it into the tasting as I had half a 50 ml bottle left to kill). If someone had asked me how I would rank them prior, I would have guessed my preference would be AAA 10 Star, VOB BIB, and WT 101 - or maybe VOB BIB, AAA 10 Star, and WT 101. Ironically - I was sure that the Turkey 101 would be my least favorite based on my last recollection and hearsay. I was surprised to find that I liked the WT101 the best of these three, followed by AAA 10 star and VOB BIB the least (although I thought it had the best nose of the three, but the least character). I was really disappointed when I learned which was which, as I hadn't been able to pick one of them correctly.

The AAA 10 Star tasted much younger than I recall, with more corn sweet than caramel/vanilla, while the VOB BIB was unimpressive (the alcohol was most prominent on this one). The WT 101 also was strong on the corn sweetness, but with more vanilla and char than I got from the others.

Lesson for today - just because you didn't like something before or have heard other opinions on a bourbon, give it a second shot sometime - you might be surprised! Now just disappointed that I don't have any more WT 101 (not that I've a shortage of good bourbon by any means!)
A brilliant post. Absolutely sums up how everyone should approach their whiskey drinking. Throw the preconceived notions, expert ratings, board "consensus", flavor of the month ravings, etc, right out the window. Pour it, try it, and make your own determination. And, have the guts to tell it like it is. Well done, Gary.