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Tarheel came over last night and we had small pours of:

FR 17 Barrel 18z
FR 09 Mariage
TPS Bowman 17
TPS Bowman 19
PVW 15
PVW 20
2010 WLW
2011 THH
2012 PHC
EHT Tornado
ND OGD 100
ER 101 LB

and the new RRSB ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355673405.843478.jpg

Good stuff, but it was the only Turkey of the night and I haven't drank much WT in the past year so it's hard for me to say in which way it is similar or differs from their other offerings. I'm going to buy 50ml bottles of Rare Breed and 101 for comparison and revisit this one.
Holy shit!! I want to hang with you guys. Did you suffer from palate fatigue?