Walking through Liquor Barn in Louisville was tough, but I could only fit two bottles safelly in my roller bag for the flight home tomorrow. Had to pass up the following:

Hancock's Reserve (Private Barrel Selection) for $33

Knob Creek Private Single Barrel Selection for $36

Four Roses Barrel Strength Private Barrel Selection (OESF, 122.x proof)for $54 (but I DID pick up the OBSF version!)

Elmer T Lee Private Barrel Selection for $26 (as I look forward to the GBS selection in April!)

James E Pepper 1776 Rye 100 proof (at KBF I tried a James E Pepper 1776 15 yr Bourbon that I really liked) for $28

There were some others, but those were the only ones I made records of before I was near tears. Would have loved to bring home a couple more . . . not that I have ANY whisky shortage at the house