I picked up a bottle of K&L Wines's hand-picked Rock Hill Farms. My expectations weren't too high as I've always found RHF very solid, but not distinctive. This bottling, though, is something different. Instead of the sweetness and cherry flavors I've gotten in other RHF, this one smells and tastes like apples. It's not a flavor I can remember finding in bourbon before, and it's terrific. I don't know how old RHF is, but I can also make out some young-ish, grainy tastes in this version. But it plays nicely with the apple flavors.

Overall, I'm happy. If you like the sweetness of standard RHF, this version may not be your thing, as it's pretty crisp and spicy. If you're looking for something unique, it may work for you. I just wish RHF were a bit less expensive.