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Most of you know that I can be long winded at times. Here I go again. To make a short story long, I've been putting in some long hours at work lately, plus I got my Xmas bonus this week. My wife told me to go ahead and treat myself to a couple of bottles of bourbon I've had my eye on for a long time. (Yes she's a keeper.) After work, I headed to a store near me, and picked up a couple of semi-dusty 1.75's of Old Forester BIB. They've been sitting on the shelf of this store for ages, and I've been contemplating on whether to buy them or not. Yeah, I paid a little bit too much, but what the heck? It's good, I really like it, it's not made anymore, and even though OF Signature is 100 proof, and a pretty decent bourbon, it just ain't the same. After Weller's, my favorites are BIB's.

Nice pick up Joe on the OF BIB's and it sounds like you didn't waste any time to crack them open either,atta boy!