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4R '08 Mariage - can't believe it was just shoved behind the 4RSmB, sitting there for a few years. Quite tasty.
Love it when that happens. nice find.

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Technically I purchased a bottle of 2011 TTH. The guy had the shelf marked $79.99. He ran my credit card and handed me the receipt and actually charged $89.99. I complained and requested a refund. All the store manager said is the shelf is marked incorrectly. The system price is the price he has to charge. What a bunch of BS. The state min is $70.97.
hate it when that happens. had the opposite happen to me the other day, got the shelf price on a Lagavulin DE instead of the system price, saved $20!

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Another holiday package from TPS: (1) FRSB, 9.5yo, OESK - one of Jay's barrel selects, 118 proof - some of the best FR I've tried (only 1 left, better hurry!); (1) JJ Bowman, barrel #45
I'm a fan of that Bowman barrel 45.

Today I got a private barrel strength SB bottling of FR OESK aged 10 yrs 7mos, also grabbed a Weller 12.