Hello, I'm a new member from Greentown, IN. I've been a very small time collector for many years and have finally decided that it is time to pass my collection on to someone else. I realize that the market may be soft but my age and health are a consideration at this point. Please tell me if I am posting in the wrong location but I am wondering where to go to for some guidance as to values. I'm also wondering if the SKU numbers are a good way to track them? For instance, I have a Basil Hayden's 8YO #080686012405, a Ridgewood Reserve Barrel Select 1792 #08800211, Wild Turkey boxed set with 2 glasses that says "A Rare Opportunity" #080432404133, Noah's Mill Small Batch Bourban in a wooden box batch #599 made 4/20/99 and bottled 11/15/05 #68203030075, and 2 Jack Daniels 1964 Gold Medal (1 Full and 1 Partial) #082184084823. I also have a variety of cognacs and rums.

Any help that anyone can offer would be a blessing. I do not know anything about collecting bourbon. I just started it years ago and kept buying a bottle of one thing or another over the years. Thanks for your time in reading this long-winded speech.