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OK Gene, I'll try to help.

The reality is that there are not enough buy/sell transactions going on in the bourbon world to get an accurate picture of value. It's just not a very well developed market. Ebay was the place most transactions were made. Reselling alcohol without a license is illegal in most, if not all, states. There are some legal auctions which take place, but not many.

With the exception of a small number of bourbons, most are not worth more than you paid for them or at best a slight premium. Bottles that have sold at relatively high prices include bottlings from the '50's and earlier, some bottles produced by the defunct Stitzel Weller distillery, early bottles produced by Van Winkle many of which went overseas, etc. Old Wild Turkey bottles with a couple of glasses don't fetch any premiums.

Unless your bottles are from Hirsch, Van Winkle, Stitzel Weller or are from the 50's or earlier, they aren't worth much. Probably not what you wanted to hear.
Thanks a lot. It is not so much what I want or don't want to hear. I do not want to sell them for some large unreasonable profit. I just want a fair price for both myself and the distributor who wants to buy them. I figured the folks on this site would be honest about it since you have no vested interest either way. Even if I just got my original investment back plus a couple of dollars I'm OK. We're only talking about a dozen bottles in my entire collection. That is maybe $500-$600 total so either way it is not a large sum of money. It is just the principle that I hate losing money on a deal if all I have to do is a little research to save it.
Again, thanks for your consideration.