Hey everybody, I've been lurking for a few weeks and figured it's about time I started participating. It's only been about a year since I got really into bourbon and figured out it's pretty much my favorite thing. ever.

I'm a librarian by training so I really enjoy the research and learning about history and provenance. One of the major aspects of this forum that brought me here.

My go-to's are primarily cheaper bottles I like EC12, W.L. Wellers, RR100, ER10, got into the Hirsch SmB Reserve this summer. But I've been bunkering some more interesting things when I come across them like V17s, various PHCs, GTS, ER17, CEHTs, some older ryes, various Willets, High West stuff, Smooth Ambler VOS 19, 4R SmB 2011 among others.

Here's a thanks for all the info and insight I've already poached and hope I can add something in the future.

Oh, and Go A's!