After a couple of suggestions from fellow members, and much debate on my part, I finally decided on a BOTM. I know it's been talked about a lot recently, but what the heck? Larceny is the BOTM for October.

My thoughts: I like it. Y'all know me and wheaters. There is a sweetness there, but not like other wheaters. IMHO, the sweetness is offset by the unmistakable citrus/alcohol flavor that HH bourbons are know for. The citrus flavor isn't overpowering, but you can tell its there. It's not a Weller or MM, which is just fine. It stands on its own as a good wheated bourbon. It's even better when you factor in the rebates that are being given. Irregardless of the rebates, I'm pretty sure I'll have at least one or two of these in my cabinet most of the time.

Cheers, and happy posting. Joe