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Was at Binny's today. Would have bought another bottle but they were sold out. They guy there said that there has been a huge run on it.
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This is why its great to be a bourbon guy in NYC. There's never a run on bourbon here. Not only can I find Larceny on the shelf, I can probably find some van winkle and stagg on the shelf... if I wanted. Sorry guys.

As for Larceny, I finished my 1L bottle. it was great stuff. Looking forward to the second bottle.
Here in "Chicagoland" there is certainly now a run on PVW and Stagg/WLW, that really kicked in hard just 2 years ago, but that's really about it on what you can't find. Binny's itself has 27 locations in the Chicago and surrounding area, some worthy smaller competitiors and there is plenty of Larceny still around (just not at bgast1's specific store) and most everything else a bourbon drinker desires. We too are fortunate here as bourbon drinkers.