Hello all,

I want to taste the difference between the different mashbills of American whiskeys (not just bourbon!). Since I primarily enjoy bourbon the most, I want to learn the characteristic tastes of rye and wheat so I can recognize them when they appear. I plan to do this by buying 2 whiskeys this coming weekend, one thats 100% rye and one thats (as close to) 100% wheat as possible. For the rye, I know that Jeffersons Rye is supposed to be 100%, and my local liquor store always has some. They also have plenty of Bulleit Rye which is 95% if I can't get the Jefferson. As far as the wheat goes though, I have never heard of any whiskey thats 100% wheat. The only "wheat whiskey" I know of is Bernheim, but I don't think I've ever seen any in a local store and I don't even know what mashbill is on it.

Do you fellas have any recommendations for a pure rye/pure wheat/pure anything else experience? Is there a better way to "educate my palate" than testing single ingredient mashes? I know there is no shortcut to figuring this stuff out, but I figure a logical approach is best