Yes, it is owned by MGPI, but they haven't announced a name change, so it's still LDI as far as I'm concerned. It's premature and presumptive to start calling it MGPI, and also confusing since MGPI owns and operates several distilleries. Maybe I'll start to call it Rossville Union, its pre-Seagram's name.

LDI is a perfectly good name because it doesn't indicate ownership, which was somewhat obscure when Angostura/CL Financial owned it. MGPI cited CL as the purchaser in 2007 when, technically, it was owned by CL subsidiary Angostura. We now know that sometime after that, as CL Financial was nationalized and reorganized after its collapse, Angostura was spun off and LDI (along with CMDK) remained with the parent. It's most likely even more complicated than that, as CL is a bit shadowy, but last year MGPI bought the distillery and Proximo bought the bottling plant. MGPI is a public company, so it's much more transparent than Angostura/CL was.