Greetings -

I've been checking out various forums and blogs and have learned a lot. Took a trip to DC and Williamsburg, VA this last Spring and while on the road took the opportunity to purchase some bourbon (VOB 86, Ancient Age, AAA 10 Yr, Eagle Rare and Virginia Gentleman) that is not always readily available around here. Enjoyed the VOB 86 (first one i opened and it was like a fresh donut- hard to not have another) and AAA 10 YR (toffee and buttery sweetness) a great deal. I did not care for the Virginia Gentleman and will watch for higher proof next time. Ancient Age is my current mixer. Eagle Rare is waiting for a fellow bourbon drinker to return for the holidays. I have added Baker's (most notable to me is the texture is like smooth glass), Four Roses Small Batch and Evan Williams Black to the line up.

I'm taking my time and enjoying the differences and figuring out what it is that I really like or would rather avoid.

Your (all you good SB members out there) posts and comments on many threads have helped me a great deal to not just grab any bottle, and I am looking forward to making my way around the forum. Also looking forward to a Bulldog basketball season to accompany many more pours.

Thanks for letting me share and sharing your time.