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    Re: Bourbon: a long term outlook?

    A little barrel making info for ya...
    Independent Stave...
    I would suspect that these folks "already have" a longterm plan, to all of the possible things that could happen in the years to come...

    They also have a page selling bourbon...Master Distiller's Select...Knob Creek etc...

    Bettye Jo

    BTW...This is the company who sponsor's the "free" concert--every other year--(on Friday night) during the bourbon festival...Last time, they had John Michael Montgomery, the year before Neil McCoy, then Tanya Tucker etc...

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    Re: Bourbon: a long term outlook?

    If WM would to put their own label on any alcohol, I think without a doubt that it would first be beer. There's alot more for them to make on beer than bourbon.

    Then again, so much about beer is branding, so maybe they couldn't even make a go with it at that. Same logic for bourbon.

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    Re: Bourbon: a long term outlook?

    That's a little scary... No more oak?
    Just read the Winnie the Pooh book, Half a Haycorn Pie.




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