Hello all,

My name is Dan. I'm a student at St. Louis University. Iím a newbie to bourbon, although I have been learning a lot from reddit.com/r/bourbon. I went on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail earlier this week and am in the process of slowly trying all of the cheapest bourbons as I work my way up. I've had a good time so far. I read through the helpful hints to new guys and looked around the forums and everything here looks great!

First off, Iíve got a couple questions about these forums...

  • As Iím getting into this, I want to have one main site where I can find bourbon information. After looking at these forums, I am wondering if this is the best place to find the most experts and the most advice. reddit.com/r/bourbon has been very helpful and Iíll continue to use that as a resource, but I was wondering if there was one forum or website that most bourbonists agree on as their ďhome.Ē Would you describe these forums as a ďhomeĒ base and the best source for information and reviews?
  • One of the main things that I like about r/bourbon is the focus on everyone reviewing whatever whiskey or bourbon they are on. After looking on these forums, I see the Bourbon of the Month reviews by everyone, but I donít see a place where I would put my own reviews. For example, if I wanted to review Jim Beam White, primarily for my own experience, I donít know what section would be best to put that in. I mainly like to post these to get feedback from knowledgeable folks. I would like a place where I can collect all of my reviews together. Where would that go here? In Tastings? Would I make a new thread for each tasting?