Taking a queue from Ralfy, I decided to make a Christmas Bourbon liqueur. I am going to use a mix of different wheaters and spices. Here's what I have prepped so far:

  • Rebel Reserve + Coriander

  • Maker's Mark + Lemon rind

  • Old Fitzgerald Prime + a Nutmeg

  • Larceny + Cinnamon stick

  • Old Weller Antique (7yr AS) + Whole Vanilla Bean

  • Weller Special Reserve + Anise

  • Wheated Bourbon Blend + Clove + Allspice

These will sit for 3 days before I use them. Then I am going to mix them up in various quantities into a single bottle, let that sit and marry for a month or two and WA-LA, "Christmas Bourbon Liqueur". Before the sneers and jeers about wasted whiskey, many of these were at their last few drams so it's an excellent way to create shelf space and remove unwanted bourbons rather than sending them down the drain.

I will come back and let everyone (well, anyone who reads this) know what the outcome is.