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    Saugatuck & Founders Road Trip &,.....

    &,.......... is here-> http://hoosierbeergeek.blogspot.com/...reat-beer.html
    A few weeks ago we went to the Dark Horse Brew Pub in Marshall, MI and I forgot to bring my camera.
    The link above is from a HBG's blog about Dark Horse, he does a good job with both pics and info.

    But I did remember my camera when we spent a few days in South Haven MI on Lake Michigan.

    Saugatuck Brewery only has tours on Saturdays and we were there in the middle of the week.
    It is located in nearby Douglas, MI.

    Here is what they had on tap that day.
    I had the Singapore IPA, not to be confused with the country, there used to be a logging town nearby called Singapore.
    Very good IPA, Lynn had the Neapolitan Milk Stout and it was fun.
    It actually smelled liked the ice cream from hence it is named.
    Made from milk sugar, strawberries and vanilla beans and only at the Brewmasters whim so we were lucky to get it.

    Nice bar, and also the backside of a very able beer-tender, as they say "beauty is in the eye of the beer holder".

    Later that week we went up to vist the mighty Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids.

    We got lucky here also, their Harvest Ale was just recently released and they had it on tap.
    I also got a couple of 4-paks to go.
    I like everything Founders makes, they have some great seasonal releases (Double Trouble) and year-'rounds (Centennial).
    Big place and it was bustling.

    Founders doesn't do tours but you can peek thru the glass and see the Men-At-Work.

    Afterwards dinner at Bistro Bella Vita, also in Grand Rapids, check it out, you gotta go http://www.bistrobellavita.com/

    Back at the cabin, if you follow this shoreline it will take you to Chicago, 3 hours via automobile is a better idea.

    Now it's time to say good-night, sleep tight, and back to work Monday morning pounding the pavement for Budweiser and the other fine beers in the Anheuser-Busch portfolio,...
    ... (hey! I gotta eat!).
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