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    Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Irish Whiskey

    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl2 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnHansell View Post
    Both are nice, just different. (But you can't go wrong with the Powers Johns Lane.) The Barry Crocket Legacy is being introduced to the US this fall. And yes, get a bottle of Yellow Spot if you can. My bottle didn't last long.
    Interesting to hear that the Legacy is coming to the US this fall. Although if it is still up around $175-$185 a bottle it will remain a tough sale for me. Rumor mill has been saying Green Spot and PJL might show up some time next year as well. I can only hope it will as my PJL isn't likely to last much longer!

    Inability to find Yellow Spot in London recently was perhaps the only disappointment of my recent trip to London and I don't expect to be passing through Dublin anytime soon. But I haven't given up yet!
    Moving this to its own thread, I noticed that TPS now has the Legacy in stock this fall as mentioned above. For a mere $229.95 I think I am still going to have to pass for the moment. Maybe if someone is feeling remarkably generous for Christmas...

    Even if it is 50ml more than the UK bottling I think it would still be cheaper to have this shipped to me from London than it would from TPS. I guess the only advantage is I eliminate the risk of it getting stopped by customs and getting the tax added back in.

    I sure wish they would bring Powers John's Lane and Yellow Spot in as well or instead of this one. Perhaps the Legacy has been a slow mover and they need a broader market to shoulder the burden of that price! Not sure I find PJL to be "bruising" but perhaps the Legacy is less bruising as is described by Dominic Roskrow in his review. And it may be awhile before I get a chance to find out for myself. It appears you do get a nice wooden box though!

    I did manage to secure a bottle of Yellow Spot though so I can now compare that with the PJL and Redbreast. Can only hope PJL and Yellow Spot find there way across the pond as well and soon!
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