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Thread: Old Tub

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    Old Tub

    While down at the Jim Beam visitor center they had the new Old Tub for sale in pints. Its 100 proof BIB aged 4 years. It has fairly spicy overtones with a big first impression that dissipates rather quickly. Not much of a finish. Overall its pretty decent bourbon. Nothing to blow you away but not bad either

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    Is this something they plan to distribute more widely than at the visitor center? If so, nice to see Beam come out with a simple BIB. I'd give it a try if I saw it.

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    Re: Old Tub

    Don't know, I saw it at the end of the tour and didn't have anyone to ask. It was $18 a pint (If I remember correctly). If it was in the $25 range for a fifth I'd buy it again

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    Re: Old Tub

    Interesting. The only other true BiB they have (of the Jim Beam mashbilll) is Old Bourbon Hollow. Thanks for sharing that information!
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    Re: Old Tub

    Hope we see it out here too, have only ever seen OBH in Ky, and thought Beam had all but ceded the value BIB space to Heaven Hill.
    And, the name Old Tub is one of the best of all time.
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    Re: Old Tub

    I wonder how it compares to Old Grandad? I'll be interested to give it a try.

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    Re: Old Tub

    I'm game for this one! I'd love to get my hands on a bottle! Hopefully PA or MD picks it up....
    If you have anything Michter's or Pennco and would like to sell it or share it with me, please let me know.

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    Re: Old Tub

    At PaulO's suggestion I tried this and Old Grand Dad BIB side by side. OGD is definitely the spicier of the two but Old Tub isn't that far behind. I like the OGD better but Old Tub tries to hang in there.



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