Hi everyone, name is Jonathan.

I am a big fan of all whiskies obviously including bourbon. I started with the crown royal line and irish, then moved to bourbon and rye. Just yesterday I received a bottle of Handy 128.6, dont know which year, since my membership cleared I can download the forms from the BTAC info page. shipped/delivered for $84 dollars at CA mark up I dont think is too bad. Most other sites had it for upwards of $100 before shipping. I dont know when I will open it but right now im just saving it.

Sat down the other night and had a threesome of Jameson 18, Gold, Black barrel. That was a fun night taste testing side by side really brought out the flavors of each. On the topic of flavors I am still learning the tasting notes of bourbon, thats mainly why I am not opening some of the "expensive" ones I have found over the last couple months.

Anyway, always looking for places that have reasonable prices out here in CA and get the BTAC line and winkle. still have about 4 ounces left of my brothers pappy 15 and havnt opened the rye I got him for his birthday, but hopefully soon.

hope to talk more on here and lurk around learning what I can.