Hi Everyone - Erik here from Chapel Hill. I've been a wine fan for years, and started with whiskey around a year and a half ago. Of course Scotch had to be the way to go (right?), so I tried a wide variety of styles, most of which were somewhat to my liking (peat/no peat, etc.). Then one happy hour I tried a pour of KC and it was intriguing to me. First taste of bourbon, and I just remember thinking it tasted a bit like sweet maple candle wax (to my untrained palette). Since then, I've just gone all bourbon. While I know that there are Scotch whiskies that I do like (Highland Park 12, stuff with some sweetness), why pay all that money!!!! It is absolutely ridiculous when you compare the value of Scotch vs. Bourbon. There are a ton of $25 Bourbons I love (BT, EC 12, WT101, ER10...etc.) The scotch one can get for $25 is probably good........for cleaning car parts!

One question I do have is what the heck to do in a state like NC where we are ABC controlled. I've almost tried everything the state offers that are suggested pours. For some of you more experienced drinkers, especially those of you in the area (Halifax from Raleigh? Hello!) what do you do to try something different? I was at Binny's in Champaign a month ago, and I almost cried. The whole BTAC staring at me from behind glass and I should have just paid to check a bag on the plane. I didn't!

Anyway, I've been amazed at the information on SB and how entertaining you all are. Thanks for everything. -Erik