Well, I know that if I could only drink one bourbon, I'd drink PVW 20. However, that's expensive and rare. So with the advice of this site and others, I've been sampling $20-30 bourbons. In the past few months, I've tried (in no particular order) OGD BiB, Rittenhouse BiB, 4 Roses SmB, EC 12, and EWSB. I can say that they have all been good and I'd be happy to drink any of them, but here is my order of preference:


There is something about the 4R Small Batch that is just perfect for me. There is just the right amount of citrus, spice and smoothness. I actually prefer it to many more expensive bourbons like 4RSB (or even Willett's 3 yr old rye).

Now, of course, this doesn't mean I would be opposed to seeing if there is something better (like AA10)