I've been very puzzled by this- over the past few weeks I haven't felt well on and off so I switched more to beer drinking. I never liked beer, though I would enjoy one now and then, now I find it quite pleasant. I didn't stop drinking whiskey, but it's suddenly started to taste very different than before. Is it possible that there was some shift in my taste buds?
OR- Is it simply the weather? The weather is now cold and the house has cooled down into its winter temperature of about 65 over the past few weeks. Could this be the case? I remember a flavor shift in my whiskies last winter and the winter before, but I can't remember it being this pronounced. The whiskies seem to have much more tannin harshness and they've lost their vibrancy and become very flat. I fear that somehow my palate has shifted, but since basically everything else I normally eat and drink tastes the same, I'm hoping it's simply the cooler climate that has changed the taste of the whiskey. How much influence does temperature really have on the taste of whiskey?