One of my favorite characteristics of a whiskey is a hefty, thick, and smooth mouthfeel. As I've been working my way through the enormous number of great Bourbons in the $15-$30 range, I've been trying to come to some general conclusions of which are best in the mouthfeel category. So far, I can't say any really have blown me away in this category. Although WT101 may have had one of the better mouthfeels in this range.

What I did notice, however, is that some bourbons really fall short on the mouthfeel side. While I enjoy the flavor components of ERSB 10, I noticed this week that it seemed about as thin as water to me.

Are there any general rules to choosing bourbons with great, hefty mouthfeel? I found an old thread a while back with a few posts that recommended wheaters on the whole for this characteristic. Do most experienced drinkers agree with that? If so, why do wheaters win out? Any specific recommendations?