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I had an interesting conversation on the phone today with Eric at the Jug Shop in San Francisco. We got to talking about things in the pipeline and the JPS21 came up. He told me that he had just spoken to Trey Zoeller and got word that this will be a bourbon and not a rye and that the source was NOT S-W juice. Eric speculated that the little S-W not already used in the JPS18 would be used in a future limited, ultra-premium bottling. I've heard HH has similar plans for the barrels of S-W they are sitting on. All of this being rumor and hearsay, but interesting fodder for forums like these. Where could the bourbon for a JPS21 come from? And how much will they charge, knowing it lacks the cachet of S-W?

The bottle mock up sure looked like it was going to be a rye!

I have done my bit for Jefferson's by getting a bottle of the Ocean. Unless I know more about what it is rather than what it isn't I don't plan to buy this JPS21 until I at least have a chance to try it first. And if that chance doesn't materialize then I guess I won't be buying.

I must say the "ultra-premium" bottlings of supposed S-W juice, whether it be Jefferson's or HH, sounds a bit tiresome already and it isn't even available yet!