Cider is now the biggest mover in the alcohol segment.
The biggest seller is Woodchuck.
Woodchuck can't keep up with demand, they bottle it, package it, palletize it and then it goes on a truck.
An Irish company just bought them for over 300 million dollars. (another American company selling out to the Euros because the profit margin is only in the millions).
In the United Kingdom cider has about a 15% share of the beer market.
No one thinks that it will grow that big in the USA but even a small market share in the USA is super big bucks.
Crispin and Fox Barrel are also selling like there is no tomorrow in certain areas.
Some of the Crispin sells for about 50 bucks a case, that's 50 bucks wholesale for 12 22oz bottles.
I'd say that's a heck of a mark up, but again not enough for today's American business community.
OK Ladies and germs, have you ever drank any of this stuff?
Cider and rum were the drink of choice (because choice was limited) in the 1700's and early 1800's.
I have had some of the Crispin and I see why America switched to Irish whiskey.