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When I lived in England I had several friends who drank nothing but cider and these boys could drink. I went toe-to-toe with them one evening, foregoing my usual drink of choice (ale) for Woodpecker cider and when my hangover subsided nearly two days later I realized why the brand isso aptly named. I can attest to the fact that a very large woodpecker was trapped inside my head and was desperately fighting to peck his way out. There was absolutely no getting around the colossal headache I got from drinking all that cider and I'm guessing it is the high volume of sugar that had something to do with it. My English wife, however, assures me that I'm simply a pussy and that nothing is more glorious than a tall pint of Woodpecker, Bulmers or Strongbow cider on a warm day. To each his own, I guess.
This is a great story haha. Thanks for sharing