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Thread: very old scout

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    Re: very old scout

    I'll let others be the judge of how it tastes, but I'd like to clarify one item. Chuck, and others are correct that this is not a blend. All three variations (11, 14, 19) are indeed a "mingling" of different ages. Over the last several months, I've used the term "blends" with some folks, very sparingly. "Mingling" or "marriage" would be a better term, but more often than not, most people don't understand what that means and if you say "a blend of 14, 15, 17, and 19 year old whiskey", I don't feel like that was misleading. As you all might guess, we are as up-front with folks as possible. Maybe, in an effort to establish some clarity, we actually created some confusion. Hopefully, you all understand our reasoning for doing what we did.

    A true "blend" would be something other than what Very Old Scout really is.

    And Steffen, thanks for the kind words on our Yearling. Wait until that is 5-7 years old......

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    Re: very old scout

    Quote Originally Posted by soonami View Post
    No need to be a jerk about it. I know perfectly well what the legal definition of a "blend" is. You don't have to write a book about Bourbon to be knowledgable in the subject. I simply "misspoke" and let the wrong term slip, as one is wont to do if they have a background in another field. I apologize and will strive to never offend you and distillers ever again
    Look, the thread is here for everybody to see. Instead of name-calling, you might want to review the record. You didn't just 'mis-speak,' you doubled-down on your mistake, dismissing it as mere 'semantics.' All the time, you're spreading disinformation in an area where there is already a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Based on your attitude, if everyone who corrects you when you say something ignorant is a 'jerk,' then I suspect you know a lot of jerks.



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