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    Bourbon Smuggling (not really!!)

    Am I the only guy that sneaks a flask of decent bourbon into social events? I went to a dinner/concert at a local KY vineyard and brought in a a stash of Weller Centennial. After dinner and wine, I poured some into the old fashioned glass I brought and enjoyed an after dinner bourbon. You'd think I decided to dance naked from the looks I got. I felt it was my right to enjoy a bourbon at that point in the evening, especially since I had a Torano 1959 cigar and Jazz playing in the background. Since my wife is probably gathering a counter argument from Dear Abby, I was wondering where the SB.com group stood on this issue.
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    (PS: At least I don't think I'll get a "spank her" response this time)

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    Re: Bourbon Smuggling (not really!!)

    Oh trust me you're not the only one! I always keep about 3-4 50ml bottles in a zip lock bag in the trunk of my car and when I go out for dinner, I bring 1-2 in with me. Then I either order a soda that has free refills and just dump a bottle into it, or if their water glasses are small enough, I pour the water off into Stacy's glass once empty and fill er' up with bourbon.

    And if I remember before I go somewhere I know I'll be for some time I fill up my flask and pull off it all day. When it's empty and we go to the car to get Stacy a soda out of the cooler, time to refill the flask. I don't drink at bars and I don't order bourbon at restaurant's but I always have my favorite by my side, and a few extra bucks in my wallet... I could care less if I get looks or hear someone comment (which honestly has never happened), as long as I'm the one happy with a bourbon in my hand.

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    Re: Bourbon Smuggling (not really!!)

    I imagine a large part of the reaction you got was because of a kind of 'unspoken' stigma associated with flasks. The notion is that people with flasks are alcoholics (like you see in old movies where they have to take little nips all day long). I'm sure another factor was this was a wine function--they didn't know that the stuff you brought was high-end...all they saw was the "hard liquor."

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    Re: Bourbon Smuggling (not really!!)

    Here in Chicago, BYOB restaurants are pretty common, but you usually only see beer and wine. I call recall one restaurant outside of Louisville, in dry Oldham County, which is BYOB and where people routinely bring their own bourbon and the restaurant gladly supplies set-ups. I guess the only time I would consider it out-of-bounds would be at an event or venue where there is a legitmate expectation that you will consume what they provide.

    On a similar note, I have heard about Mexicans and others whose native cuisines are very spicy, who will carry hot peppers into dinner parties and restaurants where they consider the cuisine too bland.

    I think you should just consider the looks you got to be jealousy.



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