Hi there, wanted to introduce myself. Though I've always enjoyed bourbon, it wasn't a focus until recently when I started discovering all it had to offer. Really enjoying the journey, and this forum is a great resource.

I do my bourbon shopping in NJ and NYC, so I have access to a decent amount of good stuff, but not everything obviously. Weller 12 is quite hard to come by around here, BTAC is very rare, and Pappy is, well, Pappy and scarce. Plenty of bottles I'd still like to try, but I have about 15 bottles open at home, so I've developed a pretty good sense of what I like, and what I don't like.

Staples are ETL, ERSB, Blanton's/Rock Hill Farms, KC, and OWA/WSR. I have a bunch of special ERSB bottlings from Shopper's Vineyard (Harlan Wheatley and Kris Comstock selections), so I've lost track of what the stock ERSB tastes like, but that profile works well with me. Others I have really enjoyed are Pure Kentucky XO, Old Ezra 7/101 for the price, FRSmB, and most recently the Vintage 17 wheater that I found fantastic.

I have an unopened 2012 PHC that I am looking forward to trying, as well as an OGD 114 that I am yet to open and try. I was fortunate to stumble on a Lot B and VWFRR last year that I still have some around, and those are both great. Have one EC 18 that I have been enjoying.

Dislikes (for the most part mild dislikes, as I wouldn't turn any of these down, just might not purchase them ahead of others) are OGD 100, FRSB (was expecting more of the Single Barrel, but it just comes across too thin and spicy for what it costs), Woodford Reserve (this just doesn't do it for me, but my buddies sure seem to like it), Buffalo Trace (slightly grassy taste and a bit hot), Bulleit.

That about sums it up. Happy to be here and keep discovering and learning.