I want to congratulate Wade and others for going after Wine Enthusiast Magazine and their writer, Kara Newman, for awarding Distiller of the Year to Michter's or, should I say, to the non-distiller producer that appropriated the Michter's name. Newman, in the comments section, even doubled down on the selection. I hate to call attention to something so thoroughly wrong, but you can find all of the awards, followed by the comments, here. The specific article about Michter's is here.

It's much more than this sham deserves to go through it chapter and verse, but I will mention that I did some checking about Willie Pratt, touted as Michter's Master Distiller and a former Brown-Forman employee. I'm told he's a very nice guy, generally well-liked, and he did work at Brown-Forman in a variety of capacities, but never as a distiller.

Another fact. The name "Michter's," a trademark Chatham simply re-registered following its abandonment by the previous owner, was coined sometime in the early 1950s as a brand name. The distillery in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, was only given the name in 1974, so only in a very strained sense does the 'story' of the Michter's distillery begin in 1753. That distillery closed in 1990, so it was only Michter's for 16 years.

The only awards Chatham/Michter's deserves are best performance by a fake distillery and most elaborate untrue backstory, two categories in which the competition is stiff.

This sort of thing offends me so strongly because it says that all the history of this proud industry is good for is as a framework for unscrupulous scammers to sell something. A person or a company that will lie to you about something will lie to you about anything. Why would you want to do business with a company like that? Personally, I won't.

Sadly, they could tell a good story, of themselves as a Pennsylvania company that decided to honor an historic Pennsylvania distillery. Instead they have perpetrated a hoax. Kudos to Wade and others for blowing the whistle on them.