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Yes, I'd agree with Petrel800's assessment of WE. They are all over the map and I'm never sure where they are coming from. While any reviewer's comments have to be taken in stride, once you calibrate your own palate with reviewers from Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, Tanzer, etc., you have a pretty consistent barometer on where your taste will come out relative to theirs. With Wine Enthusiast, it is all over the map, and whether wine or whiskey, I don't pay much attention to their reviews/articles.
It's as all over the map due to the various reviewers, who actually seem to have more palate diversity than WS reviewers. Paul Gregutt, for instance, does the wines of the Pacific Northwest. He's probably the leading critic of that area, and as such, his reviews are mostly spot on. Steve Heimoff does California, and if you've ever read his blog, well, I'll be polite and just leave it at that. Kara is even worse, especially when she reviews Chocolate Vodka as a legitimate category. She's definitely one of their weakest voices.

Cheers to those who are calling her out.