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    Re: Who's tried Dad's Hat? What did you think?

    Great info for a new person learning squire, as always much appreciated. Love the percentages master distillers say make up final flavor, not surprising this early in my new obsession as i predominantly taste charred oak and all the sweet caramel burnt flavors. Still working on nosing all the intricacies out of a dram.

    That said I will try this just to support a local Pa group. There are a few available here with interesting finishing barrels, and I totally respect what seems like their gameplan of providing things until they have an aged rye. Time is money and we rarely appreciate decades in preplanning the market, but I think these guys are going to be big if time allows them to stay afloat to get later aged stuff out. They have money in aging right now, and I assume they ned to make money somehow to pay back investors in their venture. They cant all be heaven hills with decades of stock already covered financially with current selling items in the market. Little fish in a big corporate sea.
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    Re: Who's tried Dad's Hat? What did you think?

    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    Fanciful stories might sell the first bottle but only by making a good product will you sell the second.
    Preach it, Brother Squire. This should be required reading for all producers.
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