I was reading through the various blogs I keep up with and in the context of the recent well deserved flogging of Wine Enthusiast for the Michter fiasco and I confess I found the most recent posts on the K&L Spirits Journal to be at least mildly ironic.

I recognize the Spirits Journal blog is not necessarily intended as an independent source of information about the industry but rather has a direct connection to the industry with the primary purpose to promote and sell the products they have. It is not an independent blog that, in theory, should have no allegiances to the industry.

Although the presumably more independent blogs run the gamut from fiercely independent if curmudgeonly (not naming any names mind you!), to blogs that seem to be little more than shills for the industry with every review proving to be the latest and greatest thing to come along in hopes of getting free booze and their 15 seconds of fame in industry circles. And pretty much everything in between.It can leave us poor consumers more than a little bewildered!

But on more than a few occasions, especially recently, the Spirits Journal blog has been focusing on issues within the industry and "encouraging" them to improve. I had gone there to read the blog about competition in California (that was referenced in a post here I think but my searching skills seem to be failing me) and noted with interest the two posts just above it. In the first David Driscoll, rightly in my opinion, calls to task the industry for trying to have its cake and eat it too. Then in the very next post he is touting the virtues of a whiskey that would seem to be a well known poster child for "truthiness" in the industry.

It is probably a bit too much for the second post (and the associated blurb on the K&L website) to say:

The most talked about little rye is finally available to the general public. The back story is complete garbage of course but the rye inside is a spice monster! It almost feels like they've steeped it in spices after they got their allotment from the real distiller that the bottler won't reveal. Big, rich, clove, cinnamon, very intense, very delicious.

I don't really mean to pick on the that blog specifically. In fact I have and will continue to read it regularly (even if they won't ship booze to my state!). It just seemed to present a rather apropos target.

But in this case it almost seems like the Spirits Journal blog is also trying to have its cake and eat it too...

(Clearly I have way too much time on my hands on a Sunday morning to be musing over this sort of thing. But I guess it is a little too early for a wee dram to distract me!)